Gamegains is the first online platform to give you the opportunity to earn real money from playing a variety of the most played games. How does this happen?

Mechanism & Business Model

Advertisers around the world want you to know about their awesome products and services, especially if they are gaming-related. That’s why, they would certainly like to advertise on our platform, since our users will surely be able to see their ads. To earn money, the only thing you’ll need to do is just view an image ad or watch an advertisement video. When our system decides that you’ve seen an ad placement, you’ll earn a portion of the ad’s price, the advertiser paid us. The remaining portion goes to Gamegains. And that’s not all! The better result you get in the game, the bigger portion of the ad’s price you’ll earn.

Gamegains Business Model

Developer Participation

Gamegains also provides the most flexible way for integrating games into its platform you can think of. (If you are a developer or even a beginner programmer, continue reading ‘till the end of this paragraph.) The platform natively speaks JavaScript and TypeScript. Games are basically represented by NPM modules which contain the needed game structure. The files and folders are conveniently generated with Gamegains Kit. Developers must provide authentication methods and game units. The revenue calculation is based entirely on the units. At the end of each calculation, a percentage is computed, so that the system can see if the player did well or bad in the game.

Supported Games

The first game on Gamegains is League of Legends, as you may have heard. We thought that a MOBA game will perfectly fit the idea behind the platform. The game is also one of the world’s most played games and if you haven’t played it yet, just give it a try! The creators of the game, Riot Games, have created an awesome masterpiece. Take a note that they are not connected with Gamegains or Doonloo in any way for now. We’re providing earning from League of Legends on our own. We hope they’ll enjoy the platform and wish them best of luck on maintaining League of Legends.

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    The Gamegains App Is Launching Next Month
    The Gamegains App Is Launching Next Month
    Our app is launching in a few weeks. It's time to turn your gameplay into profit!...